Let Brite Ideas Decorating help you assemble the perfect holiday display with ease with our selection of lighting and hanging accessories. We carry a large array of accessories to make hanging lights and other décor a cinch. Don't get caught out in the cold trying to figure out how to tackle that lighting project without the proper accessories. With the right equipment, decorating can be simple, leaving you with more time to admire your handiwork and celebrate the season.

Make hanging lights a snap with our selection of clips and hooks for gutters, gables and more. Magnetic tracks are also an easy way to make sure your light strands stay secure and straight for clean house trim lines. You'll also find support poles, rods and ground stakes to ensure that your display pieces are properly standing and supported.

Have some big ideas for this year's light display for your home or business? We have the accessories to help you make your festive vision a reality including light strand cording (available with or without sockets), relay boxes, outlet adapters and plugs. Our selection of extension cords and jumper cords will make sure that you have access to electricity to power your display, no matter how big it may be. Plus, never worry about remembering to turn on your lights with the aid of electrical timers.

Make sure your strands are ready to dazzle with a light tester. Have a few broken or burned out bulbs? Brite Ideas has a large selection of replacement bulbs to make sure that every light is shining bright — whether you're going for a colorful or a classic white glow. If you're looking for some decorating ideas, be sure to browse Brite Idea's extensive catalogue of holiday display lights, lasers, patio lights, meteor lights, pre-lit greenery and more.