Successful Displays Start Here

Brite Ideas has the high-quality products, dynamic displays and heavy-duty hardware you need to make your holiday lighting, displays and decorations a soaring success this Christmas season. Don’t worry — we have you covered at every step of decoration journey. From your first ideas to the design and implementation of your winter wonderland, Brite Ideas has made it our business to know our stuff when it comes to holiday décor and indoor or outdoor illumination!

Customized Versatility

No matter what look you are wanting to achieve, we make it easy to create the customized outcome you want, thanks to our large selection of display hardware and accessories. These high-performance products are second-to-none in their versatility. We offer products that will help you secure your items and lighting, arrange your displays, provide superb support and create a spectacular lighting show with the use of our two-, three- or four-channel relay boxes.

Choose from support rods in various lengths, stands, stakes, pushmounts, brackets and more. These commercial-grade indoor or outdoor products will provide season after season of reliable and consistent use. Our weather-resistant products will take all the winter season can throw at them — from ice, snow, sleet, rain and bitter cold, our products will outperform the competition’s products and will last longer than similar products on the market.

Quality Products

If you can dream it, you can do it with the help of accessories, hardware and products from Brite Ideas. Trust us for quality products that will add a professional flair to your holiday décor at your home or your business.

We are your industry leader in innovation. Creating lovely, high-quality inspiring designs is our goal. We want your home or your business to shine with holiday cheer — our unique products will save you time and money with their robust designs, quality craftsmanship and brilliant longevity. Trust Brite Ideas to help you create your holiday décor with the scenes of the season.

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  1. Cabletie 8" Black


  2. Cabletie 8" White


  3. Gable Bracket - Adjustable


  4. Lawn Stakes 3'


  5. Pole Mount Display Bracket Kit


  6. Pushmount 1/4"


  7. Relay Box - 4 Channel w/ AC Output


  8. Relay box 2 Channel - Dial Type


  9. Relay Box 3 Channel - Dial Type


  10. Relay box 4 Channel - Dial Type


  11. Support Rod 4'


  12. Support Rod 6'


  13. Support Rod 8'


  14. Tripod Stand


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