Light Bulbs

We specialize in crafting and selling well-made incandescent and LED Christmas lights, string lights and patio lights that can be used on any property in any season. Below, you'll find more information on our selection of available light bulbs for sale. Read on to learn more, and shop light bulbs with us today!

Light Bulbs for the Modern Space

Love the classic look of old-school Christmas bulbs but prefer something a little more modern and energy-efficient? Check out our variety of LED strawberry and raspberry lights. These multicolored Christmas bulbs are subtly textured — just like the classic exterior holiday lights you probably grew up with — but draw much less power and run at a significantly lower operating temperature. Want to keep things classic? Check out our LED C7 and C9 lights. These special holiday bulbs are designed to look just like your favorite old-school, tapered incandescent bulbs. The only difference? They use LED technologies for more energy efficiency and longer lifespans. These bulbs are sold individually or in sets to meet your specific needs.

Retro LED and Incandescent Bulbs

Looking to go old-school with your light bulbs? Don’t worry! We’ve got the light bulbs for you! Keep things fresh and trendy with our incandescent globe lights, or make your holiday decor truly classic with incandescent mini lights in tons of bold colors. It doesn’t matter what you’re illuminating, our team here at Brite Ideas has the decorative light bulbs to meet your needs. If you’re in search of commercial-grade light bulbs  that’ll command attention and hold up during regular use, we invite you to explore our selection of LED cherry blossom lights and wire light bulbs. Not sure which light bulbs are right for your needs? Our experts here at Brite Ideas are here to help. Contact us today to speak with a member of our team for product information and design advice.