LED Snowman Baby

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This LED Snowman Baby is a suitable item for placing along with other ornaments, especially other snowman ornaments, especially the LED Snowman with the green hat. It features a small snowman wearing a Santa Claus hat, smiling and giving everyone a friendly wave.
Imagine a small snowman wearing a bright red, Santa Claus-like hat and giving everyone a friendly wave—that is a suitable description for the LED Snowman Baby ornament, available here at Brite Ideas. It accomplishes this picture with a rigid, rust-resistant, powder-coated, steel-constructed frame and LED 100 light bulbs. It is perfect for a snowman family display or a stand-alone item, as it works very well when paired with the LED Snowman with the Green Hat. What’s more charming for a passerby than a pair of snowmen, smiling and giving everyone a nice, friendly wave? The LED Snowman Baby is 48 inches by 34 inches in size, giving it enough room to show off 100 light bulbs of various colors. The head and body of the snowman is white; his hat and smile are red; his eyes are blue; his nose is orange; and his gloves, as well as the ball at the tip of his hat, is green. These bulbs have a spacing of two inches between them. These bulbs are durable and feature UV-protected color clips. As the LED Snowman Baby—as well as his father in the green hat—are built with strong and sturdy materials. Plus it comes with a six-foot lead length and no special adapter is needed for powering this display, meaning there is nothing stopping you from setting him outdoors on your lawn or in front of your business, especially a Christmastime snow storm. After all, what would a snowman be without standing on top of a fresh blanket of snow?
More Information
  • Product Number: SMB50
  • Weight: 8.80 lbs
  • Amperage: 0.03
  • Dimensions: 40 in x33 in
  • Number Of Lights: 100.00
  • Light Color: Multi
  • Bulb Spacing: 2.5 in
  • Lead Length: 6 feet
  • Wire Gauge: 22 AWG
  • Male Plug Type: Fused/Stackable
  • Female Plug Type: End-to-End
  • Grade: Commercial
  • Voltage: 120
  • Bulb Type: Mini
  • Product Usage: Indoor / Outdoor
  • Removable Bulbs: Yes
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