LED Feliz Navidad in Red/Green

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LED Feliz Navidad

The LED Feliz Navidad sign with red and green LED lights is a magnificent product for holiday decorating. It has an impressive length of 6'5"  and is composed of two steel frameworks in the shape of letters. The cursive typeface spelling out "Feliz" is red, and the cursive typeface spelling out "Navidad" is green. It’s the perfect way to say “Feliz Navidad!” LED holiday displays from Brite Ideas are made with long-lasting, low-maintenance components, so they’re a great investment for both residential and commercial use.

More Information
  • Product Number: FND60RG
  • Weight: 16.60 lbs
  • Dimensions: 45 in x 77 in
  • Number Of Lights: 167
  • Lead Length: 6 feet
  • Wire Gauge: 22 AWG
  • Male Plug Type: Fused/Stackable
  • Female Plug Type: End-to-End
  • Grade: Commercial
  • Voltage: 120
  • Bulb Type: Mini
  • Product Usage: Indoor / Outdoor
  • Removable Bulbs: true
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