LED-CT64 - LED Christmas Tree

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The LED Christmas Tree is 65 x 39 inches in size. It features 156 LED light bulbs in the following colors: green, yellow, purple, red, blue, and white. It represents a Christmas tree with a star on top and four orb-shaped ornaments. It is well-suited for both indoor and outdoor display environments.
The LED Christmas Tree from Brite Ideas is an excellent alternative its huge, oftentimes messy natural counterpart set up in many a household. Instead of a thick, heavy trunk adorned with sharp needles prone to decaying and falling to the floor, this entire ornament uses a sturdy, powder-coated steel frame and more than 100 LED mini light bulbs to produce a display that still maintains the same general, enamoring appearance of a traditional Christmas tree.

It is a two-dimensional light display, meaning you have a broad variety of options for placement since you do not have to accommodate for very much depth. This Christmas decoration can be attached to an exterior wall, such as the space over your garage, as well as hung inside your living room to give the impression of a genuine tree when you may lack the space for one. The design of this holiday decoration is lovely and forms the fitting size of 65 inches by 39 inches. The steel framework creates all the necessary details such as the overlapping clumps of foliage and the nubby trunk jutting out of the bottom of the tree.

The frame also takes care of the ornaments expected to be found on a Christmas tree: the various orb-shaped ornaments placed on various points of the tree as well as a shimmering star on top. Bringing this Christmas display to even more amazing vibrant life are the 156 LEDs, which come in six colors. The outline for the tree’s foliage is green; the trunk and one of the orbs is yellow; the remaining three orbs are red, blue, and purple; as for the star itself, it is a pristine white. If you use this in your yard, you could also place any LED display from the LED Gift Box line to create a scene of Christmas morning!
More Information
  • Product Number: LED-CT64
  • Weight: 7.05 lbs
  • Amperage: 0.051
  • Dimensions: 65 in x39 in
  • Number Of Lights: 156.00
  • Lead Length: 6 feet
  • Wire Gauge: 22 AWG
  • Male Plug Type: Fused/Stackable
  • Female Plug Type: End-to-End
  • Grade: Commercial
  • Voltage: 120
  • Bulb Type: Mini
  • Removable Bulbs: Yes
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