LED-CRD60L - LED Cardinal on Branch (Large)

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The large LED Cardinal on Branch ornament is 37 inches x 63 inches in size and creates the image of a cardinal sitting on a leafed branch. It features 184 lights of the following colors: red, blue, yellow, clear, and green. It is suitable for indoor/outdoor display venues.
It’s an enamoring sight when a red cardinal lands upon the branch of a tree outside your home and perches where you and your family can watch and admire—that is, until the bird decides to take off, and you’re left to stare at an empty branch again. You can solve this problem in a big way by decorating your home with the Large LED Cardinal on Branch ornament from the Brite Ideas production line. This product is 63 inches x 37 inches in size—significantly larger than your average cardinal—and features 184 light bulbs of five distinctive colors. Everything is set upon a powder-coated steel frame which depicts a red cardinal sitting upon a branch end-capped with large green leaves. With this product, a series of clear bulbs forms the tree branch, while green LEDs make the two leaves. Now the yellow lights take over and create the shape of the bird’s legs, and the red lights start forming the body and head of the bird, with bits of yellow and blue creating the shape of the bird’s beak and facial features. Between the plug and the last light on this ornament, there is a lead length of six feet, and an extension cord can be used to bridge any longer gaps. The Large LED Cardinal on Branch is suitable for both indoor and outdoor display environments due to its sturdy frame and weather resistant materials. All 184 of these LEDs are energy efficient, also lasting through the years, though they are removable, meaning you can easily replace any individual burned out bulbs without professional assistance. Bring electronic brilliance and a serene piece of decor to your holiday decoration set with this magnificent ornament from Brite Ideas.
More Information
  • Product Number: CRD60L
  • Weight: 27.00 lbs
  • Amperage: 0.061
  • Dimensions: 61 in x31 in x4 in
  • Number Of Lights: 184.00
  • Light Color: Multi
  • Lead Length: 6 feet
  • Wire Gauge: 22 AWG
  • Male Plug Type: Fused/Stackable
  • Female Plug Type: End-to-End
  • Grade: Commercial
  • Voltage: 120
  • Bulb Type: Mini
  • Removable Bulbs: Yes
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