LED Gift Box - White box/Red bow

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The LED Gift Box with the white and red lights is 26 x 15 inches in size and features 50 mini LED light bulbs. It has a strong steel-constructed frame. The white lights create the perimeter of the box, and the red lights form the vertical ribbon and its two triangular bow pieces on top.

Adding a nice little bit of simplicity to a complex Christmas display is sometimes all you need to complete a visual representation of holiday cheer. And what better kind of simple reminder than one that points people to the gifts they will be receiving before the end of the month? And what if that very same ornament also came with an impressive scheme of lights? It would be a perfect fit, and that is why this LED Gift Box ornament is such a fantastic ornament to use during the Christmas season. It’s a very simplistic and uncomplicated design—and the Christmas ornament itself is not very large—but it is more than efficient enough to create a nice, charming ambiance, an effect enhanced by its 50 white and red LED mini light bulbs. The white lights create the square-shaped outline of the box, and there are three different sections where the red lights come into play. First of all, there is a vertical, rectangular stripe running up the middle of the box, and this stands in for the ribbon. And then, at the very top, there are two triangular bits representing the ribbon’s bow. In total, this ornament is 26 inches by 15 inches in size, allowing it to blend in with your display set without being too obtrusive in contrast to everything around it. This Christmas decoration is also designed to suit your convenience. For one thing, the rust-resistant, powder-coated, steel-constructed frame is designed to last a long time. Its rigid nature means it will not become easily deformed. Furthermore, all 50 of these mini bulbs can be removed and replaced with ease. Covered by UV-protected color clips, they are designed to produce a magnificent display for a great length of time. The LED Gift Box with the white and red lights is a wonderful piece of holiday décor, and it fits nicely with other gift-themed decorations.

More Information
  • Product Number: GB22WBRB
  • Weight: 4.00 lbs
  • Amperage: 0.02
  • Dimensions: 23 in x16 in
  • Number Of Lights: 50
  • Watts: 2.4
  • Lead Length: 6 feet
  • Wire Gauge: 22 AWG
  • Male Plug Type: Fused/Stackable
  • Female Plug Type: End-to-End
  • Grade: Commercial
  • Voltage: 120
  • Bulb Type: Mini
  • Removable Bulbs: true
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