Starburst lights are some of our best-selling holiday fixtures. These eye-catching, star-shaped LEDs are meant to function either as the focal point of your exterior décor or to add an extra something special to your bright, whimsical displays. They’re also a popular pick for lighting up parties, weddings and special events. Our starburst lights are a testament to Brite Ideas’ commitment to creating durable, easy-to-install holiday lighting solutions for any environment. Each one features dozens of bright, delightful LED lights for an undeniably eye-catching display, and installs in a quarter of the time it would take with a standard display.

We offer LED starburst Christmas lights in a wide range of options at Brite Ideas. They come in various sizes — including 12 inches, 24 inches and 48 inches — and an amazing assortment of colors. You can use our green and red starburst lights to add multidimensional, light-up ornaments to your exterior evergreens, or use a white starburst light as the finishing touch on your LED nativity set to signify the Star of Bethlehem. We also carry starburst-shaped animated LED lights that burst in random intervals, creating exciting movement and interest in any corner of your landscape.

These lights are everything you’d ever want in an all-weather LED Christmas light. Starburst shapes are held together with a durable and rust-resistant steel construction with a powder-coated finish for extra longevity. They’re also constructed with long-lasting, commercial-grade LED lights that help keep them in play for years to come. Easily string these glowing starburst lights up on trees, archways, patio overhangs and ceilings, or add support with our convenient Animated Starburst Support Pole. Brite Ideas is always available to help you dream up an exterior light display that’s memorable and unique.