Quality Displays

Our products at Brite Ideas are specially designed to provide you with quality displays for years of enjoyment. Enjoy ultimate performance and our divine designs for season after season. Although our lights are intended to provide you with long-term brilliance, they may occasionally burn out and need to be replaced. When this happens, we are proud to offer you easy solutions that will prolong your high-quality holiday display products from Brite Ideas.

Versatile Products & Kits

You will always know where to purchase your replacement lights when you invest with premium quality display products from Brite Ideas. Our replacement display lighting strands are available and are conveniently packaged in easy-to-handle kits that come with all of the instructions and tools needed to be successful in your light replacement.

Choose from replacement display strands that will accommodate many — if not all — of the available high-quality displays for sale in our store.

Brite Ideas has the displays you want to help you celebrate your favorite seasons, from Christmas to Halloween. We also conveniently carry the replacement parts that will help extend the long lives of our premium products, so you can enjoy our displays for years and years. Replacement strands for displays are an economical way to enjoy your decorations — there is no need to throw out your displays when the lights burn out. Reduce waste and save money by purchasing our replacement strand lights.

Experienced Leaders

Brite Ideas is proud to be on the cutting-edge of holiday design and decoration. We supply you with the products you need at the low prices you want to help you add fun and celebratory, yet professional, flair to your commercial or residential spaces. We have been providing quality décor for over two decades — we have continued to perfect the ways that we can make holiday décor even better.

See why Brite Ideas is an industry leader in holiday décor and design. Check out our selection of replacement strands for our display products today.

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  1. Angel RS


  2. Bethlehem Star RS


  3. Candy Cane RS


  4. Incandescent Happy Holidays RS


    Out of stock
  5. Lamb Replacement Strand


  6. Leaping Reindeer RS


  7. LED "N" Replacement Strand (Large)


    Out of stock
  8. LED 3D Gift Box RS


    Out of stock
  9. LED 3D Pivoting Star Replacement Strand


    Out of stock
  10. LED 3D Pumpkin Replacement Strand (12")


  11. LED 3D Pumpkin Replacement Strand (20")


  12. LED American Flag RS


  13. LED Bat RS


  14. LED Bear in Box Replacement Strand


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