Light Sets

If you’re like the millions of Americans out there who still string up energy-hogging, vintage string lights during the holidays, we invite you to upgrade! Brite Ideas specializes in crafting and selling well-made incandescent and LED Christmas lights, Christmas light bulbs, string lights and patio lights that you can use for everything from unique Christmas displays to trendy wedding and event lighting. On this page, you'll found our light sets — perfect  for decorating Christmas trees, illuminating the perimeter of your home or business, or brightening up trees, fences and other structures.

Modern Light Sets

Love the classic look of old-school Christmas bulbs but prefer a more modern take? You’ll adore our variety of LED strawberry and raspberry light sets. These multicolored Christmas light sets are subtly textured — just like the classic exterior holiday lights you probably grew up with — but draw much less power and run at a significantly lower operating temperature. You can also keep it classic with our LED C7 and C9 lights that look just like your favorite old-school, tapered incandescent bulbs but use LED technologies. These bulbs are sold as part of strings or separate bulbs to meet your particular needs.

Traditional Touches

Prefer traditional incandescent Christmas lights? Don’t worry! We’ve got the perfect light sets for you. Keep things fresh and trendy with our incandescent globe lights or brighten up your holiday tree with our incandescent mini lights in tons of bold colors. It doesn’t matter what you’re illuminating, our team here at Brite Ideas has the holiday lights for the job! If you’re looking for commercial-grade light sets  that’ll command attention, be sure to explore our selection of LED cherry blossom lights and wire lights. Not sure which to choose? The team here at Brite Ideas is happy to help you visualize your unique landscape using our bright, high-quality lights. Shop light sets with us today!