Outdoor Christmas Lights and Icicle Holiday Lights in Cedar Rapids, IA

It's never too early to talk about outdoor Christmas lights, icicle holiday lights, and more for outdoor holiday displays in Cedar Rapids, IA. Many locations are already working on plans for their next holiday display, and they regularly work with Brite Ideas Decorating to get their ideas transformed into reality.

It might be specific lit displays that you are looking for, or it could be that you have the design but you need the right lights in the right length to complete the display. We have the right solutions for either of these scenarios so that you are fully prepared for your next outdoor holiday display. Contact us today to learn more and order what you need.

Outdoor Christmas Decorations in Cedar Rapids

icicle holiday lights and other Outdoor Christmas Decorations in Cedar Rapids

When you think of outdoor Christmas decorations you will likely think about lit trees and other displays. But we have a variety of other kinds of display pieces such as fiberglass items like ornaments, nutcrackers, and other items that help to contribute to an awe-inspiring display. We also have metal displays such as sleighs, mailboxes for letters to Santa, and more. These are designed for outdoor use as their size limits their use indoors unless you have a very large space.

Along with the outdoor Christmas decorations we also have a variety of Christmas lights in different shapes and sizes. Our linkable light strings are perfect for trimming out a building or stringing across an open expanse to provide entertainment as well as light. Featuring a variety of different shapes including candy canes, stockings, holly, giant light bulbs, and more, our linkable lights are popular for roof lines and more.

LED Christmas Lights in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

At Brite Ideas Decorating, we have had LED Christmas lights for years because they provide several benefits over the traditional incandescent lights in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

LED Christmas Lights in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

First, they use less power to produce the same amount of lumens, so that means they cost less to operate. The life span of LED Christmas lights is also longer because they are solid-state devices and not dependent on a wire to produce the light. LED lights also don't produce as much heat as incandescent lights do, and LED lights also work better in colder weather versus incandescent lights.

From outdoor decorations to LED Christmas lighting and more, we have what you need to create engaging outdoor holiday displays. Cedar Rapids is nicknamed the "City of Five Seasons", for the so-called "fifth season", which is time to enjoy the other four. The town was formally incorporated by the Iowa State Legislature on January 15, 1849, as Cedar Rapids, named for the rapids in the Cedar River. The city is divided into four quadrants, used for assigning street addresses.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you develop an impressive holiday display.

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Brite Ideas is one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of specialized outdoor holiday lighting. We have over 400 distributors across the U.S., creating beautiful customized lighting displays for nearly every season or event. Visit our showroom, shop online, or contact us for more information.

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