Outdoor Christmas Decorations in Grand Island, NE

It might be a civic group, a church, or even a large local business in Grand Isle, NE, but whoever puts together an outdoor Christmas light display does a huge service to the community. Brite Ideas Decorating is all about helping these groups get the right items they need to make the display the best it can be.

We have a long list of different large outdoor display pieces that would go great with your display plans. From gift box stacks to bright Christmas mailboxes for letters to Santa to LED Christmas lights in all different colors, we have the items that you are looking for. Contact us today to start building your list of holiday items for your decorating plans.

LED Christmas Lights and Icicle Holiday Lights in Grand Island

LED Christmas Lights and Icicle Holiday Lights in Grand Island

One of the kinds of holiday lighting options that we continue to see growth in is the icicle holiday lights. These are the lights that are hung from the edge of the roof line to outline a building. Often they will look like icicles, but we have a range of shapes and colors to suit your needs. These icicle holiday lights can also be strung together to make longer lines of lights, and these can be used to provide area lighting or mood lighting to an outdoor area or to help light a path.

LED Christmas lights have also been gaining popularity as people and organizations replace their aging incandescent lights with LED lights. They offer several benefits over the older light strings, including being more energy efficient. They are also cooler running than incandescent lights, making them easier to handle. The long life of LED lights also helps to make them a worthwhile investment for outdoor displays.

Outdoor Christmas Lights in Grand Island, Nebraska

Having the right outdoor Christmas lights for your display is important. Sometimes this means that you need to have a custom length of lights for your shape or outline. 

Outdoor Christmas Lights in Grand Island, Nebraska

We have rolls of wire that allow you to create your own custom lighting needs, and to add whatever color lights you need for your outdoor or indoor display in Grand Island, Nebraska. From lighting and accessories to outdoor displays and more, Brite Ideas Decorating is ready to help make your display special.

Having community holiday displays has been an important part of bringing the community together. Surveyors from the Union Pacific Railroad (UP) laid out a town called Grand Island Station and many settlers living on Grand Island moved to the new town, located slightly inland from the island. The cost of the railroad coming into town was the denouement of most of the hardwood trees on the island for use as ties for the railroad. Grand Island is the 4th most populous city in Nebraska.

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Brite Ideas is one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of specialized outdoor holiday lighting. We have over 400 distributors across the U.S., creating beautiful customized lighting displays for nearly every season or event. Visit our showroom, shop online, or contact us for more information.

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