When it comes to holiday bulbs, LED C7 and C9 Lights are an all-time favorite. Often referred to as retro or old-school Christmas lights, these larger styles capture the nostalgia of a bygone era. While they look timeless on the outside, inside they are all about modern, energy-efficient lighting. In addition to consuming significantly less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, LEDs are valued for their safety; they are much cooler than their counterpart, reducing the risk of burns and combustion. In addition, they are sturdier, making them much more resistant to breakage and they will burn for thousands of hours. You will be using the same lights for many years.

We have filled our inventory with a range of colors to give you the versatility to create the lighting display that captures your holiday spirit. In addition to the classics, we also have gold, purple and orange. You can even choose from faceted or smooth bulbs. Be sure to also check out our replacement rubber cords with sockets.