36" Estate LawnStake Tree w/ Stand Battery Powered

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The 36” Estate LawnStake Tree makes for smaller yet still superb holiday decoration. Because of its 3-foot height, it can be displayed in a variety of places. Equipped with a timer function and waterproof battery case. Stand included.

A tree coated with lights and ornaments is one of the most widely recognized images during the winter holiday season, but, as exciting as it can be to decorate a 10-foot pine, sometimes it can be equally satisfying to set up a smaller tree, especially if you have smaller space to decorate. In such cases, less is more. Our solution: the 36-inch Estate LawnStake Tree. This cluster of synthetic branches, red beads, and warm white lights is only three feet tall and can therefore fit in just about any location, making it an excellent addition to your home or office. Its branches hold a total of 70 LED lights, which can be programmed to either shine in a constant, uninterrupted glow or twinkle like a random scattering of stars. To control this setting, simply check the water-resistant control panel. In addition to the display setting, you’ll also be able to employ the lights’ timer function. By activating this feature, you will set your LEDs to display, in whatever setting you choose, nonstop for six hours before automatically shutting themselves off for 18 hours. Once the first whole 24-hour period has passed, the LEDs will turn on again and repeat the process. The wires to the lights are green, so they will blend into the fronds and branches nicely and go unnoticed. You can also take comfort in the fact that the four D batteries needed to operate the tree are encased within a watertight seal, so no melting snow or falling rain will damper your holiday cheer. The 36-inch Estate LawnStake tree comes equipped with its own four-legged stand, making it easy to set on any flat surface large enough for this piece.

More Information
  • Product Number: 36LTEB
  • Weight: 11.00 lbs
  • Amperage: 0.024
  • Dimensions: 36 in
  • Number Of Lights: 70.00
  • Tip Count: 251.00
  • Light Color: Warm White
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